Nepali Songs of 2017 not only dominated the industry but created new waves and moved scores of listeners. With the advent of better cameras, technology, and drones, the music industry of Nepal has moved ahead in 2017.

Nepali Songs cannot be categorized in one genre and luckily we have heard varied songs this year.

Here are our 10 favorite Nepali Songs that have thrilled the audience, broke Youtube views record and even made few foreigners to dance to the tune.

10. THAMEL BAZAR – Video Song | LOOT 2 | Alisha Rai, Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla | Nischal Basnet

Thamel Bazar became a song for the wedding and parties.

9. KALE DAI – Movie Song | Parva | Nischal Basnet , Mala Limbu

Another hit song which sparked both debate and craziness for it.

8. Viral Bhaidiyo – Manas Raj | Beest Production (Official Music Video)

As the title suggests, the song has gone ‘viral’.

7. Jerusha – Blest [Official Video]

Jerusha is a poet by heart and her songs too deep and surreal.

6. Looking for Love — Abhaya Subba & the Steam Engines  

Abhaya & the Steam Engines thrilled us with their hit song ‘Looking for Love’.


Laure has proved himself as the leader of Nepali hip-hop and lets us enjoy this groovy rap song.

4. SACAR ( Lil Buddha) – Make That Money

SACAR managed to deal with his eccentric behavior and gave us amazing pieces. He’s no doubt highly talented.

3. The Cartoonz Crew and Alisha Rai ~ Nai Malai Thaha Chhaina [Club Mix] by Sanjib and Tika

We guess everyone knows this upbeat song!

2. Kutu Ma Kutu by Rajanraj Shiwakoti | DUI RUPAIYAN Song 2017 | Asif Shah, Nischal, Swastima, Buddhi

A popular song with funny lyrics.

  1. Ye Daju Nasamau | New Nepali Movie CHHAKKA PANJA 2 Song Ft Swastima, Swaroop, Jitu, Kedar, Barsha

Although the choreography is not that good, the song is certainly a hit among Nepalis.