226 classrooms constructed by Finn Church Aid in Gorkha

credit: www.fcaamericas.org

GORKHA — As many as 226 classrooms have been constructed in various 113 quake-damaged schools with financial assistance from the Finn Church Aid and two other international development organizations.

The Finish organization for development cooperation helped build classrooms as well as half-cemented buildings in schools at Gorkha Municipality, Palungtar Municipality, Masel, Baguwa, Taple and Arughat among others places, according to Finn Church Aid.

The organization also had contributed Rs 4.5 million for the construction of two-room building each costing around Rs 1 million, shared Finn Church Aid’s district coordinator Kisan Shrestha.

Madrasa, educational institutions for the Muslims, too were built in the district, said coordinator Shrestha.

The European Union and UNICEF also joined hand with Finn Church Aid to construct classrooms as well as independent two-room buildings in Makawanpur and Sindhuli.
A local NGO, World Vision Advocacy Forum coordinated the construction works in these districts.

A total of 111 such school buildings were built in Makawanpur while 98 in Sindhuli.
Chief Education Officer in Gorkha, Deependra Subedi, informed that of 449 quake-damaged schools in Gorkha, 205 were already rebuilt while resource for financial assistances is being identified to reconstruct150 primary schools. RSS