Nepali movies

Nepali movies have transitioned profoundly from mediocre, over-dramatic and predictable plots to creative, entertaining, sensible and constructive storylines over a decade and they are, without a doubt, on a progressive path. From the highest grossing Nepali movie, Chakka Panja to Oscar-nominated critically acclaimed movie, Kalo Pothi (The Black Hen), Nepali Movie industry is evolving as the mainstream industry, gaining popularity among all age group, mostly the youths.

Along with the movies, Nepali celebrities too, are enjoying the stardom, success and the huge profit from these high grossing movies. While the year 2017 is near its end, for those who missed the most popular and hit movies of this year, we have enlisted the Top Five Must-Watch Nepali Movies right here on Kathmandu Tribune. Stay Put!

  1. Jhyanakuti

Released recently on 17th November, Jhyanakuti movie is already getting great reviews and the flow of audiences into the theatres is nonstop. Directed by Simosh Sunuwar, who’s known for his movies like Mission Paisa and First Love, the movie is a comedy-drama, revolving around the troublesome married life of a couple and the hardship of having an alcoholic husband and stressed wife who eventually leaves him.

The movie stars Saugat Malla as ‘Buddhe” and Benisha Hamal as “Malati”, the unhappily married couple who are struggling through day-to-day fights and poor income to feed their newborn. The movie starts with a promising note, leaving the audience laughing at high points, taking on an emotional ride during the serious scenes at the same time. The movie takes a major turn when Buddhe is left alone with his son, who then realizes his mistake and quest on finding his wife, taking care of his son all by himself. While many scenes might make you confused, the director has done quite a job in maintaining the flow of the movie to perfection, making it a must-watch movie.

2. Loot 2

Under the direction of notable director/actor, Nischal Basnet, the 2012’s blockbuster movie Loot changed the face of the entire movie industry raising the bars really high. The story of how the lives of four frustrated men in the hassling city Kathmandu transformed after the ‘master plan’ of Haku Kale (Saugat Malla) to rob the bank was worth a million watch. And with much anticipation, this year, the sequel to this movie, Loot 2 got released.

Although the hype of the movie was not that much compared to last one, the movie followed up the prequel, showcasing the lives of the major characters after the robbery. If you’re among the crazy fans of the movie leads, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Karma Shakya, Bipin Karki, Srijana Subba and Sushil Raj Pandey, don’t miss the sequel!

3. Dui Rupaiya

If you really dig a comedy, action-packed drama movie, Dui Rupaiya is the perfect choice for you. It is an action drama movie, featuring famous actors Nischal Basnet and Buddha Tamang, directed by the young director, Asim Shah which got released on September 8, 2017.

The movie got good reviews and its popular song, “Kutu ma Kutu” became the first Nepali song to get the fastest 10 million views on YouTube. The plot of the movie revolves between two low life-thugs, Jureli and Bom Bahadur, who have been dealing and smuggling for their boss, for quite some time. But the movie reaches the peak when they lose a transaction slip — a 2 rupee note and they quest to find that Rs. 2 to save themselves from their horrible bosses, police and other local thugs. Asif Shah, the Nepali presenter, actor, and singer has done his debut through this film.

4. Dhanapati

Much awaited movie of 2017, Dhanapati made its release throughout the country on 7th July 2017. Directed by Dipendra K Khanal and written by, the talented actor, Khagendra Lamichanne-starring himself as the lead received huge critical acclamation. Khagendra’s award-winning movies, Pashupati Prasad and Talkjung Vs. Tulke were a big hit and his third movie Dhanapati raised high expectations among the viewers.

The story features a lower-middle-class man, Dhanapati who’s fighting poverty to meet the daily need of his families like sending his daughter to a good school and ultimately is obliged to join a political party to get money and power. Although the movie didn’t meet up the mark that Pashupati Prasad had left of the viewers, it definitely worth the watch!

5. Sanrakshan

Sanrakshan, highly controversial movie of 2017, directed by Purnendu Kumar, the movie draws the attention of the ongoing political scandals and issues happening around the country. Based on Madeshi revolution the movie features exceptional actors, Nikhil Upreti, Saugat Malla, Malina Joshi and Ashishma Nakarmi.

Saugat Malla and Nikhil Upreti star as the lead roles of police officer and the clash between the two police officers, Saugat Malla, DSP from Madesh and Nikhil Upreti, the big cop from Kathmandu and the story revolves around the power, press, police, politics and public and although it wasn’t a big hit, it breaks the stereotypical barriers of action and political dramas.