Abhaya Subba — Does the rock queen of Nepal need an introduction? Most of you know her already. She goes by the name: Abhaya Subba and leads the rock band Abhaya & the Steam InjunsTheir recent album ‘Looking for Love’ is full of mind-blowing and nostalgic songs. Kathmandu Tribune talked with Abhaya to let her fans know more about her. Here are 5 things that you didn’t know about her:

  • She derives guilty pleasure in binge watching on tv serials such as Walking Dead, Empire, Night Manager, GoT. Abhaya also can’t live without watching serials.

  • Abhaya is a big online shopper to avoid the dust and pollution of Kathmandu. We hope the next Mayor will fix this problem so that Abhaya’s fans can catch her shopping!

  • The rock star can’t live without her daily dose of the humorous echo chamber – ‘The Daily Show’.

  • Who says singers don’t read? She has to read at least 3 books a month.

  • Meanwhile, she also checks out music trends on YouTube and Radio.

    Do you know these awesome songs?