5 Things You Didn’t Know About Saguna Shah


Saguna Shah is an educator, avid reader, and dreamer. Read below to know more about her.

1. I am an amalgamation of A brat of a child and a very emotional and hypersensitive person behind the façade of a responsible and strong woman the world sees. Only a handful of friends know this side of me I cocoon very well.

2 . Adventure sports gives me an adrenaline rush and I have no fear of heights and depths. Have done scuba diving, paragliding, bunjy, canyoning, high ropes, ziplining, free fall from 57storey. Nothing can stop me. My ultimate fantasy is Sky Diving which I am hellbent on.

3. Often fantasizes being either a bird or mermaid if they exist if not a fish and have all the sky or the depth of the sea to explore. Petrified of Snakes and cannot even look at them at pictures.

4. Wants to write Travel Blunders in reminiscence of the travel memories.

5. Part time, alone time, good time, bad time-Books, my friend my necessity.