Valentine’s Day

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Nepal? As we enter the month of February, we can, without any doubt, smell the sweet aroma of love all in the air. Well, the saying “Love is in the air” might seem true in the context of this month of affection and love. Since a day, of course, is not enough to show the eternal love we have for our respective partners, Valentine’s day is celebrated for a week. The week goes like the rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, hug day, kiss day and the D-Day, Valentine’s day.

The initial six days are easier to celebrate. You don’t have to make your own plans as the name of the day itself suggests you what you must do on that day. For instance, on the rose day, you give a rose, the symbol of love, to your significant other. Similarly, you propose and let your heart out in front of your better half on propose day and give chocolate on the chocolate day and so on. But it can be a little difficult to decide what to do on the great day of celebration of romance, the V-day.

Here are five ways to make your V-day indelible:

  1. Spend some quality time with your love:

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s day is by being with the love of your life on that day. Take your partner out on a nice date with flowers and of course, good food and a little wine will never go out of the fashion. Celebrating love doesn’t only mean to take her out on expensive dates and expensive gifts. What matters the most is the time you devote to your other half. If you’re not comfortable going out on dates to restaurants, a home date would be perfect. Find a perfect movie or series, and you can just sit on the couch cuddling and binge watching a movie or your favorite series. Or if you’re a food enthusiast, you can just get together and cook some food for each other. Try to avoid distractions like surfing the Internet or hanging out with your buddies at least for a day. What matters the most is making memories that you will cherish throughout the lifetime.

  1. Express yourself to your love:

Love is about being together through the thick and thin and understanding each other no matter how annoying one can be. For that, you should express yourself to your partner. Share your feelings to your loved ones on this special day. You can just hold her hand and tell her how beautiful she looks when she laughs loud; you can just tell him how you enjoy looking at him playing his guitar. Or you can come up with a little handmade card where you write your feelings. Love letters never go out of the style; write a letter including how you felt when you guys met for the first time and how far you’ve come now. This will surely awe your partner. Sharing your thoughts to your partner incontestably makes your relationship stronger. So, share your thoughts; no matter if it’s related to his humorless jokes or her nonstop makeup talks or any senseless things, cause when two people are in love even the most senseless talks start making sense.

  1. Enter Valentine’s day contest:

Competitions are always full of energy and fun. And having a competition with your beloved by your side, it would be much more fun. This Valentine’s day, enter a cool couple contest. These kinds of contests usually take place in malls and a bit crowded areas. So to make it a memorable day, take your partner and be a part of such contest. Winning or losing, doesn’t matter here but surely, you guys will have fun accompanying your loved ones in a game full of fun and surprises. Not only this, but you will also get to know each other more by taking part in such competitions. There also might be couple dance competitions; you can take part in one of that competition if your girl loves dancing. Even if you cannot find any such competitions, just play your favorite love song and dance with your significant other in your own comfort zone.

  1. Give your partner a sweet gesture of love:

A gift is something that remains and reminds us of the moment spent on a particular day. Thus, to remember this special day of love and romance it would be right to gift something to your partner. A gift can be anything; it can be his favorite coffee or her favorite book; his favorite video games or her favorite highlighter. It can simply be a rose and some chocolates. Even your hoodie can be the most special gift out of all gifts for her. You know your partner’s like and interests like no one else. Thus, you can pick the perfect gift for your loved one and make the day special this year.

  1. Enjoy the V-day alone:

Who says Valentine’s day can only be celebrated by couples? Singles can also make the day memorable just like the committed ones. Do your favorite things. If you’re too lazy to go out, just make yourself a good cup of coffee, grab your favorite book and just get lost in the world of writings. If you’re not interested in books, then binge watch the “Pyaar ka Punchnama” movie series, I bet you won’t regret being single. Or you can even laugh hard by watching the evergreen TV series called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Or you can go out to movies or go to your favorite restaurant to have some good food. You can do everything to treat yourself right, except for one thing — you can’t get sad for not getting Valentine’s this year; I mean, seven billion people in this world and you expect your soulmate to live down the street? That’s foolish. And even if you’re regretting being single, brace yourself for the Maha Shivaratri, you definitely will end up forgetting the regrets you have for being single on that day.

Prashannata Sedhai

How are you celebrating this year’s Valentine’s Day in Nepal? Let us know.