Winter is almost here in Nepal and we all know that our summer clothes are going deep inside our closet or packed up in a bag. With the arrival of winter and end of summer, there again comes a time when we will be wanting warm clothes but trending ones. So, here are some 5 winter trends that one can follow this winter, to keep them warm yet stylish.

  1. Ski Jacket

The waxed Ski jackets made it’s way from slopes to the runways. Whip out your own Roxy jackets or North Face and style them with slacks and heels this winter. It makes on top of the winter trend list this season in Nepal.

2. Turtle Neck Under Dresses

Instead of packing away your summer dresses, you can layer them with a knit turtleneck.  By doing this, you will be on top of your winter trend game and you will have doubled your winter wardrobe.

3. Woolen Blazer with Muffler

When it comes to winter trends, a woolen blazer and muffler can obviously never be missed out. This outfit can never go wrong as it matches up with almost every winter trend. May it be with simple jeans or shorts, this outfit will look rich anytime.

4. High Neck Paired With Denim Jacket

A combination of high-neck with denim jacket has been trending since 90’s and it is not fading away any soon. High-necks making you warm and denim jackets giving you that chic and classy look you always desired. What more can one ask for!

5. Trench Coat

If you’re going through different updates about winter trends, then one can hardly miss the stylish trench coats. Trench coats have been in the trend for winter for a long time now. It goes along with just anything. The trench coats will tie together any look and give you that warm yet stylish winter in Nepal.

So, the above 5 looks are what’s trending this winter season, all over the world and in Nepal too. Don’t forget to be warm this winter yet stylish.