Reddit Nepal

Those who have no idea what Reddit or Reddit Nepal is then this is certainly a good place to explore your knowledge about it. The social networking site is less popular compared to Facebook and Twitter in Nepal. However, it is a popular forum for young Nepalis (and foreigners) living in Nepal and abroad.

To be precise: Reddit is a message board where you post links and others can discuss the topic. Here are the 8 trending topics on Reddit Nepal at the moment:

  1. एप राखेपछि मोबाइल चार्ज गर्न नपर्ने : ठगुनको फन्डामात्रै
  2. Public transportation or private transportation?
  3. How similar is Sanskrit to Nepali?
  4. What song is this?
  5. Parcel?
  6. Online stores in Nepal with PayPal support ?
  7. Truth about western diplomats and their role in Nepal
  8. Rabindra Mishra and BBC