Bhaitika establishes brother-sister bond between a Nepali and a Japanese


TOKYO, JAPAN — For a Nepali national living in Japan, the recently celebrated Bhaitika, the final day of the five-day Tihar festival, came as an opportunity to establish a brother-sister relation with a Japanese girl.

A Japanese national Haruka Takeuchi seemed visibly happy when she offered Bhaitika and garland to Nepali brother Jagat Bahadur Khadka. The auspicious event occurred in Tokyo where other Japanese girls also offered bhaitika to Khadka.

After the Bhaitika, Takeuchi and Khadka exchanged blessings, sweets and presents like clothes with each other as part of rituals of the festival.

Other Nepalis, who do not have sisters or could not afford Bhaitika with sisters, received Bhaitika from Japanese girls in many other cities too.

Not only in that day, Nepalis living in Japan alongside their Japanese friends followed every rituals of the festival. They played deusi and bhailo, prepared food items like selroti, and laddu.

Stalls set up by Nepalis there were full of marigold garlands, various food items meant for the festival where Nepalis along with Japanese and other foreigners crowded to purchase. RSS