Bhutanese refugees press for relocation of remaining refugees

Nepal / Bhutanese refugees in Sanischare camp. The Kathiwada family are in the last phase of their approval process for resettlement to the USA. Kamala Wata Kathiwada, 80, is helpful around the house and spry for 80. She is worried about resettlement because one of her sons has not started the process. Kamala fears that the family will be separated. She said that it is bad for a family to separate. / UNHCR / J. Rae / December 2007

KATHMANDU — The Bhutanese Refugee Camp Management Committee Jhapa – Morang has advanced a five – point demand to the government seeking to internationalize the refugee problem.

At a press conference held today at Reporters’ Club, CPN (Maoist Centre) lawmaker, Aman Lal Modi, stressed that the Bhutanese people must also be able to live a life of dignity as humans and spoke of the pain of having to live as refugees by leaving their homeland behind.

On the occasion, UML’s lawmaker, Mahendra Limbu, spoke of the ‘dearth of humanity’ in the camp and underlined the dire conditions in which the refugees are forced to live.

Camp’s advisor, Rajman Gurung, made a vehement appeal to the Nepal Government to seek a lasting solution to the problems of the Bhutanese refugees who have been living in eastern Nepal for the past 25 years.

Camp’s Spokesperson, Suk Bahadur Rai, noted that 100,000 refugees have been relocated to the US, Canada, Australia, Norway, the UK, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Denmark under the third country rehabilitation scheme and called for immediate management of the rest of the refugees.

Delegation’s Coordinator and Pathari Camp’s Secretary, Chepang Singh Rai, expressed concern at the declining amount of relief packages provided to the refugees. RSS