Bijukchhe-Nidhi in talks on election alliance


BHAKTAPUR — Nepal Workers and Peasants Party chair Narayan Man Bijukchhe and Nepali Congress leader Bimalendra Nidhi held discussions to opt for forging election alliance in upcoming federal and provincial elections. The meeting was held at leader Bijukchhe’s private residence in Bhaktapur on Monday.

It is stated that Nidhi had urged chair Bijukchhe to forge election alliance with democratic force led by NC.

Following the meeting, chair Bijukchhe briefed that he shared his party’s stance with leader Nidhi regarding election alliance. He further clarified that NWPP will not make election alliance with Nepali Congress and CPN (UML) as they were not genuine in their ideology.

He added that neither UML was a genuine communist party nor NC was genuine Democratic party. He said that the CPN (Maoist Centre) was also in dual stance as it was in government and was making election alliance with opposition party.

On another note, he suggested leader Nidhi to choose appropriate candidates and not to make money a base for candidate selection.

Leader Nidhi, following the meeting, briefed the media person that he met leader Bijukchhe to discuss on NWPP’s upcoming election policy.

He further shared that the talks were focused on making elections fear-free, impartial and successful. RSS