Bim village illuminated with electric power after seven years’ effort


BENI–The Bim village of Malika rural municipality–7 has now been linked with the country’s national transmission grid after an effort spanning seven years.

The electrification project carried out under a joint investment of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Beni Distribution Centre and local villagers completed after a successful test of regular supply of electric power, ward Chair Resham Jugjali (Subin) said.

The local authorities started installing electric poles more than seven years ago. Jugjali added that the electric power has been supplied to all households in Bim’s ward no 6 and 7 and in some locations in ward no 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 5.

A total of 185 households benefited from the electrification project in the first phase. The locals raised funds at the rate of Rs 7,000 per household and collected more than Rs 1.2 million.

Meanwhile, electrification work is continuing in Dhaulagiri rural municipality’s villages. The villagers in Takkam, Muna, Mudi, Lulang, Gurja, Marang and Malkawang are forced to live with support of electric power generated by a micro hydro power project, solar power and traditional oil-fed lamps. RSS