Bode-Mulpani road expansion project remains incomplete


BHAKTAPUR — Bode-Mulpani road widening works have been put on hold since the past one year, following obstructions from the locals.

Locals have caused obstructions to the project, demanding ‘proper’ compensation of crops damaged during the fall of a retaining wall while widening the road. The upgrading works along the road connecting two districts—Bhaktapur and Kathmandu have left in limbo since the collapse of a retaining wall located near the Neelbarahi Police Check Post.

The Santoshi PR JV Lalitpur, project contractor, last year paid Rs 600 thousands to farmers suffering losses in the wall collapse, but they continue to obstruct the road upgrading works, citing the given amount ‘minimal’. They have demanded Rs 3.7 million, according to Road Division Office, Bhaktapur’s chief engineer Guru Prasad Adhikari.

The 2.8 kilometers road will be expanded to seven meters in width and have footpaths as well.

Physical structures including houses, electric and telephone poles remaining within a distance of seven meters have not been removed yet which has also caused hurdles in the implementation of project.

A total of 38 houses, 35 electric poles, 32 telephone poles, two temples, a water stone spout and two compound walls remaining within the seven meters of the road have been hurdles in the implementation. RSS