Brt to be made provincial capital: Minister Mandal


BIRATNAGAR — Minister without Portfolio Shiva Kumar Mandal said that Biratnagar would be made the capital of Province no 1 if the leftist alliance would win in the upcoming elections.

The elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies are taking place in 32 districts on November 26 and in the remaining 45 districts on December 7 this year.

Minister Mandal said so at an interaction programme organized by Press Chautari and Press Centre Morang at Biratnabagr today.

Mandal pledged to make efforts for amendment in the new constitution if the leftist alliance would win by two-thirds majority in the upcoming twin elections.

Mandal, who is contesting the election to the House of Representatives from the constituency no 5 in Morang district, expressed his commitment for modernization in agriculture, blacktopping of the roads linking the Postal Highway and reviving the Jute Mill in Biratnagar if he would win in the election.

Furthermore, the Minister without Portfolio, pledged to launch residence programme for the landless squatters.

Present at the programme were candidate from the constituency no5 ‘A’ from the leftist alliance, Gyaneshwor and Shubhan Miya from constituency no 5 ‘B’ among others who echoed with Minister Mandal and promoting the Palace of historic King Birat as a religious tourist spot among provided they secure a win in the election. RSS