Case against Nepal Idol overruled

Nepal Idol grand finale
credit: YouTube

KATHMANDU — The case filed against Nepal Idol over voting process has been overruled by the Kathmandu District Court. Earlier, Lawyer Yagyamani Neupane had filed a writ petition demanding to scrap of a decision taken by the show organizers to start re-voting without making any contestant, out of the four remaining contestants, out from the show.

The court had ordered Nepal Idol to cease from counting the votes till today. Both parties were involved in a discussion prior the court deciding to scrap the writ. Lawyer Neupane had filed the case reasoning that the organizers of Nepal Idol had violated the rules by not eliminating one of the four contestants according to the 2056 B.S. Article 87 (1).

The court dismissed the writ stating that the reasoning was unsubstantial.