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By Rohit Rajvardhan

Have some patience!
You have just knocked the door

Wait for a little!

How long you can wait
will determine how much you want it to open.

Remember why you choose to knock
over pressing the doorbell?
Look at your hand!
You wanted to touch her
with your fingers!
So, wait!

Believe in the silence
born out of your knock;
it now belongs to a different world
hovering over a couch where
she has fallen asleep
eternities ago…
the book still kissing her chest,
her glasses defying gravity
breath by breath,
a paper boat

floating on ink
by the edges of eyes closed…

Don’t knock!
Let the weight of the book
come into existence
against her breathing;
wait till it slips from
her dream, and
lands on her slipper;

you were never alone
all this while
waiting to hear her footfalls…

Now you hear them,
fluttering violently on the floor
let them approach

wait some more
while they cross the eternities
to reciprocate you

to tell you
never to believe in a door
more than your knock on it!

Rohit / January 27, 2017

Rohit is a Delhi-based writer, poet, and journalist. 

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