Dashain brings hope for meeting missing family members gone abroad


DHADING — Every Dashain brings hope to Khin Kumari Lamsal of Dhading district for reunion with her missing son abroad.

Khin Kumari’s son Krishna Prasad Lamsal has gone missing in Malaysia for 12 years. As festivals like Dashain and Tihar falls on, her dormant love for her son revives strong.

Devaki Pandit of Siddalake rural municipality-6 in the district is also sailing through the same ship as Khin Kumari. Her son Damodar Pandit long ago went off-shore for foreign employment but became incommunicado with family.

Every Dashain, her eyes are glued at the road in hope of catching a glimpse of her son. Devaki wallowed, “There is no any details of whereabouts of our son who went abroad in prospects of better future. Our hope to celebrate Dashain in the presence of our missing son turns into despair.”

Asmita Poudel of Nilkantha Municipality-2 in the district spends her days reminiscing good old days with her son who left home for Qatar some four years ago but went missing thereafter.
The anguished mother shared that initially her son used to make calls to her from Qatar and would promise to visit home during the festival. “But sometime later we went out of contact.”

Psychosocial counsellor Ram Kumar Thapa explained that it certainly sends a shock wave to the families of those who go missing suddenly owing to various reasons. Festivals would bring back them in the memories of their families back home.

Although there are many social organizations in Dhading offering counselling for the aspirants of foreign employment to make sure they acquire related information and resort to right measures at the time of difficulties, the number of youths flocking abroad and going missing thereafter is steadily on rise in Dhading.

Of the total 45 such cases reported this year, only 14 people came in contact with their families after the news on their missing started making rounds in news and social medias, said Ganga Subedi of Information and Counseling Centre (ICC), Dhading.

According to Subedi, most of the people abroad who lost their contact with their families were from the northern part of the district, namely Jharlang, Tipling, Kampur and Dhuwakot and Salyantar among others.

Altogether 25 Nepalis in Malaysia, 3 each in Qatar, Kuwait and India, 4 each in Saudi Arabia and UAE, two in Georgia and one in Iraq have been missing, according to the complaints registered by their families to ICC.

Search for such missing persons have been a daunting task in lack of proper mechanism from the government. Although, ICC has been applying various measures to make sure the information on the missing ones are disseminated and their search is launched in social and other media, Subedi said. RSS