Dental service begins in district hospital Khotang


KHOTANG — The district hospital in Khotang has begun dental service. Dental service began at the hospital for the first time after a dentist was recruited by the hospital on a contract basis.

Anjila Shrestha has been appointed as the dentist for the hospital to begin dental service for the first time since the establishment of the hospital 26 years ago, according to chief of the hospital Dr Ram Bahadur KC. The hospital was founded in 2048 B.S. and dental service was initiated considering the significant number of people found suffering from dental problems in the district.

Only normal dental service was available at the hospital before. However, now expert dental service will be provided to the patients. All required treatment of dental diseases will now be held in the hospital, Dr KC said. Prior to this, the patients were forced to pay heavy price at private clinics for expert dental services. RSS