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Departure Implicit


Bruce Louis Dodson

Loretta lives across the street

Has cancer

Both of us are long of tooth

It happens

But at least I don’t have cancer . . . yet

All of us carry the malicious cells within

Waiting for weakness

Less immune than yesterday.

But she’s a tough old bird

From North Dakota

And offended doctors by refusing treatment costing thousands

Hair loss


Takes pills for pain

Brian tumor headaches

Waiting . . . .

“Im ready to go,” she says.

Worked thirty years

Same job

Same place

Small office manager/receptionist

Eleven months ago she finally gave it up

Sometimes I think

Retirement has killed more of us than cancer.

Bruce Louis Dodson

1408 S. 289th Place

Federal Way, WA 98003


Phone: (253) 945-1123

Four Feet Over Six Feet Under


Bruce Louis Dodson

Our lustful need for one another

Turned combustible

And she had teenage kids awake at her place

Mine was thirty miles away.

She led me to a grassy, well kept graveyard

Where the night was still as death

I asked, Arent you afraid here?

Its the safest place in town, she said.

We made love on a marble slab at midnight

Undisturbed beneath a sickle moon

But I did not go back with her again

Into that quiet place

For reasons still uncertain.

Bruce Dodson

1408 S. 289th Place

Federal Way, WA 98003

Phone: (253) 945-1123


Bruce Dodson is an artist/photographer who writes fiction and poetry in Seattle, Washington.

2011 published work:

Sein und Werden (UK)

Kerouacs Dog Magazine (UK)

Breadline Press West Coast Poetry Anthology

Blue Collar Review

Chantarelles Notebook #23

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

Pearl Literary Magazine #44

Pulsar Poetry (UK)

Struggle – Winter

Contemporary Literature Review: India


Off The Coast

Fiction International

Qarrtsiluni August

Sein und Werden (UK)