Ncell is a popular telecom in Nepal among youths. However, a user has commented that using Facebook with Ncell can be tricky. In this 21st century, the Facebook platform is a very useful and easy for communication. You either need email verification or phone number verification to create an account.
While using Ncell’s number for Facebook verification it is not a genuine idea. The reason behind it is below according to a note posted on Routine of Nepal Banda:

Awareness Post: A few months ago I bought a Ncell sim card which later I got to know that it was a re-issued sim card(Which I had no idea of initially). Yesterday while signing up for a Facebook account associated with that phone number I realized that the number has already been associated with an another Facebook account. I was surprised because never had I had used that phone number to register an account on Facebook before. What I did next was recovering the Facebook account associated with that number and after successful login into the account, I got to know it was a Facebook account of someone else. Ncell should stop re-issuing the phone numbers without prior information to the user who bought the sim cards before. Facebook is not only the case. The user might have used that phone number to make different accounts on the web, might have used that number as a recovery phone number or whatsoever.

I got to know that Ncell re-issues the phone number if the Sim card remains inactive for some long time.

I strongly disagree Ncells policy of reissuing the Sim cards without prior information to the users because I myself have a few sim cards associated in my name which I have used to sign up for different web services. 🙁and I never want my Sim to be re-issued and my accounts compromised thereafter.
Being a responsible and pioneering telecommunication of Nepal, Ncell should take care of the data of the users and maintain integrity in sim re-issuing process.
Be aware your accounts might be compromised!

PS: This post is awareness post to those who are unknown about this policy 🙂

Cr. Santosh Bhandari

According to the information provided by Ncell on twitter, If the SIM is not used for more than 6 months, then it’ll be closed and after another 6 months, it’ll be re-issued to new subscriber.

Meanwhile, Ncell posted a clarification regarding this matter.