The Effects Of Breakups on Teenage Girls

Unhappy girl in a bedroom

Breakups are never easy. Breaking up is hard to do, no matter what age you are, but for teenagers, they can be particularly depressing. Teen couplings may be as devastating as they are intense. One moment, we as a teen are enjoying the first flush of romance — the next, we are sobbing over our lost love.

There is a rush of excitement and emotions that come with our first relationship. Everything is brand new: feelings, experiences, managing relationships. It can be an overwhelming and confusing time…and the breakup can be devastating. No one likes to be rejected, and breaking up can feel like an ultimate, unrecoverable rejection to us.

And when all that fairy tale comes to an end and we are back to the reality, we wouldn’t know what to do. Many of the girls aren’t able to get through their relationship’s end and that is completely normal as time will do all the healing. But, sometimes they get caught in this so badly that they go into depression. They aren’t able to think logically and all that they do is keep visiting their past. They forget their worth and start blaming themselves for things that went wrong or underestimate their own strength. They lose the virtue of who they truly are.

So, girls, too bad there is no medication for heartbreak but listen you think you’re alone, but you are not. It’s not about what you want but what you have got. Reach into your soul and pull out that strength that has been hiding at all this time and soon you will find that your state of mind will change for better. You can ride out this tough weather, change yourself and when the rain has passed and the wind has amassed to just a gentle breeze, you will find that pain is just like the tide of the ocean. It comes and it goes, just take it slow and soon your heart will grow back to what it once was. You’ll pick up the pieces of all those broken dreams and although it might seem tough to pick yourself up from that hole you’ve fallen into, don’t ever lose faith that someday you’ll get what you deserve.

Go out to the world and build something for you without thinking of anyone else. Change your attitude and be what you truly are. Say what you think is right and stand still by your choices because everything that has gone wrong with you, is your life’s biggest lessons for you. Utilize them and bend them for something bigger, to create a better ‘YOU’. Focus on things that will make your life positive and better, focus on your career and goals. Because, girls, you have everything that takes to be on top of the world, all you have to do is stop depending on someone else and believe in yourself a little more.

Someday you will be a bold and confident woman all by yourself and need no one to depend on but one day you will find someone who you truly deserve. Someday someone will love you so much that they will give you the world. And maybe that day when you will have everything, you will forget all those time you have had your heart broken.