End Politicization of Nepal’s health system


Nepal’s health policy is in shambles and the only reason for its unhealthy state is due to the politicization of medical institutions. How long can the citizens of this nation suffer from dirty politics of politicians who have vested interests?  

Sources have stated that illegal transaction is a norm while appointing chiefs [someone] of medical institutions. And the ones who want top-most positions roam the streets of Singha Durbar and residences of political leaders with a bag full of cash. This is the unfortunate state of our medical practitioners. 

It is horrifying to know that political parties are actively appointing doctors who are members of their parties. This unhealthy practice should be immediately stopped. How long will we stare at a road that is divided according to party lines? While political leaders go abroad for a medical checkup, poor Nepalis are dying from the politicization of the medical system. 

The medical system in Nepal is expensive and unreliable. We do not have a national medical insurance and the government too doesn’t care about it. It promises to develop one but most Nepalis ultimately have to depend on their wallet to save themselves from diseases. 

The faces of politicians are crystal-clear. The political parties are clearly against any revolutionary medical reform–spearheaded by Dr. Govinda KC. The public supports the latter and not the parties or government. It is the time we all think mutually and move ahead to reform the medical system of this nation and ensure our health won’t be compromised in coming days. How long will we spend our own money to treat ourselves? Where’s the tax going?

Nepal government should come out clean by freeing the grip on Nepal’s health system. It is a time that all Nepalis, including Dr. KC, should get the justice they deserve. We all deserve better health system and institutions as mentioned in the Constitution–which all political parties are obliged to follow and uphold.