Entrepreneurship and its Development in Nepal


“If opportunity doesn’t knock your door, build the door”. The above phrase clearly defines what really Entrepreneurship is and who really is an Entrepreneur. There are a lot of scholars, books, articles related to Entrepreneurship but the only gist to it is: Solving the Problems. Entrepreneurship is the medium or a bridge between “problems and solutions”.

Based on my personal experience, an Entrepreneur basically posses the four main components to mark the success of an Entrepreneur.

At first, BELIEVE i.e. believe in yourself, in your action, and believe on whatever you are doing. Until and unless, you won’t be able to believe yourself; you couldn’t make others believe YOU.
Secondly, RESPONSIBILITY; if you have started believing on your actions, then its time to act and embrace every challenges and risk. It’s like you are walking in the fire full of danger.
Thirdly, PASSION. I would like to include a small quote in it.
Late to Bed,
Early to Rise,
Makes an Entrepreneur,
Happy, Cheerful & Nice!

When you identify your passion and align it with whatever you’re doing, a magical synergy happens that will effortlessly carry you to rarefied heights. Work becomes joyous and pleasurable. Hours fly by, unnoticed. Tiredness and fatigue take the backseat as you power your way to greater achievements.

Finally, PATIENCE. It’s not a business that you invested and then immediately you get the returns. One needs to have a high “patience level” to see their efforts turning out into results. For it, I would recommend you to “meditate daily”. Meditation can be the best tool to maintain calmness & patience in an Entrepreneur.

I would like to link the topic with regard to present situation of Nepal. Every year, a large number of youths are moving abroad for further studies and in search of job opportunities. Nepal is also a country who is still in the developing phase and facing lot many problems than other nations. Instead of complaining that Nepal has this & that problem & not any opportunity, let’s step out from this mindset. Let we initiate something on our own & create opportunities within the nation.

In the recent years, we have heard a lot of Nepali Entrepreneurs who have started their Entrepreneurial journey. Many of them have started from the root level. Today, they are providing job opportunities to thousands of people and creating values in the society. Many of them failed, learned, experimented, experienced and now they have kissed the SUCCESS on their own effort and been a leading ENTREPRENEURS. Who knows maybe “YOU CAN BE NEXT”!

To conclude the whole thing, Entrepreneurship is a problem- solving process where an Entrepreneur recognizes, evaluates and exploits opportunities, focus on innovativeness, manages the organization and creates a value in the society.

Reference: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Kriti Publication.