FNCN not in favour of conversion, says FNCN prez Gahatraj


KATHMANDU — Federation of National Christian Nepal (FNCN) president CB Gahatraj has said the Federation was not in favour of forced conversion.

Speaking in a news conference organized at the Reporters Club here on Wednesday, he said the FNCN was opposed to the forced conversion by infringing the right to follow one’s religion.

“However, nobody should hijack the citizen’s right to freely choose one’s faith,” he added.

Stating that the latest rumour spread through the social network and the various media citing a particular bill that has recently been passed by the parliament was false, the FNCN president reminded that the existing provision in the Civil Code, the Muluki Ain’, defines conversion of religion as a punishable crime and they supported it.

The rumour that Gahatraj was referring to was various posts in the social media saying charistians cannot practise conversion and that the law was targeted to the Christians which was circulation of late.

He said according to the new law, a citizen can adopt a religion of one’s choice, any religion can carry out preaching activities, however, forced conversion is prohibited in the country with people following 10 various faiths including Hinduism and Buddhism.

FNCN spokesman Sagar Baiju said the FNCN has never professed the principle of religious conversion. General Secretary Padmanath Parajuli said a wrong publicity has been made against the Christian and that there should not be any discrimination against the minority Christians in a multi-religious State that is Nepal.

A press release distributed to the media on the occasion cites the Preamble of the Constitution of Nepal which clearly defines Nepal as a multi-religious nation and the Article 26 of the Constitution which states that every person having a belief in a particular religion has the freedom to follow, practise and protect the religion of one’s belief. RSS