Girls will take over 300 radios to ask questions and get commitment for equality and justice


KATHMANDU — October 11 is celebrated worldwide as International Day of the Girl Child since 2012 by the call of United Nations and Nepal is also celebrating the day by organizing various programmes. To celebrate the day, year 300 young girls will be seen in the new and special role on the same day. On October 11, 300 young girls throughout the country will be seen in the role of Radio Program Presenter and radio journalist. Three hundred young girls will take over the radio programs, who majority never visited or worked in the radio. Young girls will take a lead of the talk programmes at 300 community radios under the movement of ‘Because I am a Girl’; a global movement of Plan International in coordination with Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (ACORAB). The programme is being organized as a campaign to involve girls and hear from them and provide an opportunity to put questions that matter them.

Sven Coppens, Country Director of Plan International Nepal, says, “The radio takeover is a unique opportunity for girls to discuss their issue with policymakers, leaders, and activists and to seek strong commitment from them: as agents of change girls will remind them to take positive actions and use their positions to influence changes in policy and practice and to promote equality and justice for girls.”

Country Director, Coppens added, “by holding 300 ‘takeovers’ in 75 districts, 300 girls will demand changes against the discrimination and prejudice that holds them back in private and public life.” The girls’ takeover is part of Plan International’s global ‘Because I am Girl’ initiative and its related Girls’ Movement and is forceful statement promoting girls’ power and potential. “When girls get equal opportunities and equal chances in life, they can transform their own lives and the development and prosperity of their communities.”

“The popular talk programme of 300 community radios will be a takeover by the young girls throughout the country on the day. The takeover will enhance the capacity of girls’ in running radio programmes and develop their leadership skills, said Subash Khatiwada, President of ACORAB, Nepal.

Young girls have been oriented to run the radio talk and take over the role of radio journalist of particular programmes of the radios. Policy makers, political leaders, Government authorities, human right activist, and scholars have been invited as a guest to talk where they will discuss the issue of the girls in Nepal. This program has been taken as an opportunity to ask the questions and take the commitments of the concerned authorities. Leadership capacity will be developed for 300 young girls and girls’ issues will be discussed throughout the country on the same day by this program, said; Mr. Khatiwada.

“Because I am a Girl” is a global movement driven by Plan International to ensure girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide, and thrive. Plan International Nepal and ACORAB have joined hands to promote girls rights in Nepal through media initiatives.