Globalization to Planetization: Where is Nepal?


21st-century technological achievement is one of the highest human progress in this millennium. People moved from one country to another in search of better life, education, or security. Also in some cases, people fled from their native country due to war and became refugees to a different country. Many people from underdeveloped country seek to go USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and other developed nation in the search for jobs, education or overall better life. These all movements in location, people has created more and more globalization. Nepal has high numbers of youth go to gulf countries in seek of work every day. Lots of high school graduates seek to developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europeans countries for their undergraduate studies. Most of them stay there even after they finish their degree, one of the reason is due to lack of high skill job opportunity in Nepal. Or at least Nepal’s government is unable to attract those educated once back to the country. Is this a problem? Why does this matter?

Now giving a context where developed countries like the USA is working on colonizing Mars. This effort is led by NASA and also by Elon Musk’s privately owned company SpaceX. This will go beyond globalization, may be Planetization? Airplane first flew over 100 years ago from Wright brothers. One of the historic moment was in 1969 when human landed on Moon. Now another human challenge comes as human exploring another planet – human landing on Mars. There are companies who are working on mining gold, platinum, and valuable minerals from the Moon, as a Google Lunar Xprize. Other space-oriented companies are working on Asteroids mining. We as human are going toward Planetization.

Nepalis are talented and are very use full resource for developed nation working on next-generation science and technology. But within Nepal things are different, the government is unable to use these talents and they are going away every single day. As the progressive world is going forward; Nepal’s basic infrastructure is still in minimal condition. Transportation is still out of reach in rural areas. Where the world is going global, Nepal is facing day to day transportation issues. Advanced countries have high-speed trains for decades. A new mode of transportation Hyperloop is under research and is under test phase; Nepal is undecided to many things. Sad part; Nepal is not able to fully utilize the budget allocated for development due to corruption and lobbying issues. A good leader like Kulman Ghising has shown us that if we have determination and execution we can achieve anything from 18 hrs/day load shedding to Zero. Similarly, having a better road infrastructure would allow people to market their production and family earning can be increased drastically and eventually better life could be a reality in rural Nepal. All we need is that right leader.

Will this local polls address these issue? Are people aware of the short term and long term plan of candidates? Are you going to bet on personability, agenda, or party affiliation? Does a particular political party resolve the problem of the country or it’s the individual leaders in the different party that work on people’s agenda? Ask yourself and participate in the election in every way. It’s a great way to change the direction and create momentum in people’s choice. Most of the main stream big political party does not really care about the issue Nepal is facing, Remittance dependence is good in their view (at least in their action). During election period they talk about the homegrown job and creating opportunities to youth but they forget everything once they get to the power and chase for power & money. Migration has become a basic need of people to get better life and education. It can be stopped, does not have to be in this way forever. Participation in the election is vital and choosing a right candidate is necessary. Weighing their past and what to expect in future is very important. Major parties use their agendas from the past and change the date to address new elections; be careful what they promise, be mindful if they can achieve it and make the right decision. This is the time Nepal can participate with other nation for the prosperity of citizen and move on from day to day living problem.