Google Translate available in Nepali

Google Translate is available in Nepali albeit suffers from imperfections. The translation is loosely done and unlike the past, Google Translate no more confuses Nepali with Hindi. However, Google Translate is a futuristic translation service available to anyone and over the years there might be no need for human translators. Google Translate is one of the many services of the tech giant company Google.

Google Translate now supports 103 languages and Nepali is one of them. But the translation isn’t 100% accurate. The translation from English into Nepali is not perfect per se.

Google Translate will continue to suffer from flaws till AI can actually speak the language of the human. On the other hand, humans should focus on improving the translation. And when that happens then perhaps there would be no need for translators.

Interestingly, translation from Nepali into English is more accurate and perhaps only Google knows why.

It is the duty of the government of Nepal and the IT sector to improve the Nepali translation. But for now, we can enjoy what we got.