Govt exercising for consensus to nominate provincial chiefs, capital: PM


DHANGADHI — Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that the government was exercising to forge political consensus for the nomination of state chiefs and naming temporary capitals.

In a press meet organized by the Nepal Press Union, Kailai chapter in Dhangadhi Airport Friday, PM Deuba said that he was exercising to forge consensus but there were slim chances for the same.

He further added that he will work out again to forge consensus after returning to the capital city but the government would move ahead if his efforts failed.

Prime Minister Deuba clarified that he was ready to quit the government at the earlierst but the responsibly of holding national assembly election was delaying his exit.

PM Deuba, who is also the President of Nepali Congress, said that NC will remain in opposition in the days ahead. RSS