Indra Jatra in California, USA


CALIFORNIA, USA — On 3rd September 2017, Indra Jatra festival was celebrated in Berkley city of California, USA. This event was organized by Newa Organization of America, Northern California Chapter.Over 200 people from all over the Bay area participated and celebrated this festival with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Indra Jatra is basically celebrated in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.Some people celebrate this festival to thank Lord Indra for the rain, while others celebrate it in the honor of Bhairab, who is considered as Shivas’s manifestation.

The event held in Shorebird Park in Berkley began with the basic rituals and pooja, followed by the felicitation of active members of the organization. Also, the major highlight of the event was authentic Newari and Nepali cuisine prepared by some of the members of the organization.

The event was concluded with the Lakhey dance, which is an integral part of this festival. Lakhey is considered to be a demon who used to live in the forest and later played a significant role in protecting the people.

He is also known as peaceful Bhairava. Lakhey dance is a very popular dance of Nepali community. It is performed during this festival of Indra Jatra which falls in the month of September every year.

Samunnat Shrestha