Nischal Tiwari is the founder of popular cricket website Prior to moving to Australia Tiwari worked as a team manager for Colors X-Factors, and was part of the first edition of Nepal Premier League.

Arun Budhathoki had a chit-chat with Tiwari about his love for cricket, how he started and his perspectives on Nepali cricket. Here are the excerpts:

  • Which team are you supporting in the ICC Champions Trophy?

I was supporting Australia to win this tournament but they are already out from the group stage. My money is now in England because they are playing at home and they are a strong ODI team. Currently, England stands at No. 4 in ICC ODI ranking so I am looking forward to seeing them win the trophy.

  • Do you think Nepal will play in such competitions one day? What should be done to achieve that?

Dream BIG! This should be the mantra for Nepal Team. Look at Afghanistan team. Who would have thought that they could rise in International Level in such a small period of time? Our National team led by Paras Khadka has the potential to be the next powerhouse of Asia. The only question is when? Make the domestic structure good and running, groom the young talents, bring good international coaches and give exposures and yes lastly keep the politics away from this popular sport in Nepal and only then we will see Nepal in ICC events soon.

  • Tell us about how you started, its present status, and your plans for the future. was formerly started on November 30, 2010. Around that time there were few online media which focused on Nepal Cricket and I thought, with my expertise and passion for the game, it was a perfect time to start an online portal.  Currently, Cricnepal is a big brand in Nepali Sports media industry with a huge fan following on social media – Facebook (811k), Twitter (33k), and Instagram (16k).

We have average web traffic of half million hits every month. Moreover, we have a small team working from Nepal, Australia and America. We also have a couple of future plans, which we are currently working on. The major projects are opening an online store and establishing cricket academy in Nepal.

  • What is cricket to you?

I started following cricket since ICC Cricket World Cup 1996 and either watching or playing; it is my No. 1 sports.  I still remember those days, when I used to watch cricket all day and nights, all 5 days of test cricket and never missed any single international games.  Presently, I am more focused on my work and whenever I get the chance, I work with my team and follow the news and score at least.

  • Do you think ICC will reinstate Nepal’s cricket governing body? What is affecting the growth of this popular sport?

It’s unfortunate for Nepal Cricket that International Cricket suspended the Cricket Board of Nepal in 2016 due to government interference. Currently, ICC and National Sports Council are working for the solution and hope it will be resolved soon.

The cricket game has gained its huge popularity with the national team qualifying for ICC World Twenty20 in 2014. We have the potential to be a strong team but we need to work on our bench strength and domestic structure.

  • Define yourself.

Let me introduce myself, I am Nischal Tiwari, a professional web developer, a media technology graduate from Bharatpur, Chitwan and currently in Melbourne.  In the last couple of years, I am more engaged in working with Social Media and planning. Being an expert in the field of Information Technology and Internet Entrepreneurship and my evident love for Cricket in Nepal I founded Cricnepal in 2010.

I also became a part of the inaugural Nepal Premier League and worked as a team manager for Colors X factors. Besides IT and Cricket I love photography as well.

  • Your favorite cricket players from Nepal and the world.

I have few favorite players from Nepal team like Sompal Kami, Subash Khakurel, and Sharad Vesawkar. I love to watch Alastair Cook’s batting in test matches, Yuvraj Singh in ODI/T20 and Steve Smith in all forms of the game.

  • If you were to become a cricket player—what role would you play?

I started playing my school level cricket as a medium pace bowler and low order batsman and later changed my role as Wicketkeeper/batsman. So, that role is what I would love to play.

  • What’s the future of Nepali cricket?

If there are visions and implementation of planning, the future looks upright for Nepal Cricket, else let’s be ready to see Nepal as a next Zimbabwe or Kenya team.

How long will the current pools of players keep on playing with Nepal team? Where is the bench strength? Where are the proper grounds to play Cricket? When is Mulpani Cricket ground going to be completed? When are we grooming our talents with proper Domestic games?

There are many questions to be answered and once answered, we will see the future.

  • Any message for youths.

“YOUTH CAN” is my current source of inspiration. We as a youth of such a beautiful nation can do it from our respective field. I have been serving my nation from two fields. I was doing well in Nepal but I wanted to learn more and experience more in my IT and Sports media field so I moved to Australia in 2015.

Always plan first and start implementing, if you fail, change your plan immediately, but never look back.

Thanks to Arun Budhathoki and Kathmandu Tribune for such a great opportunity. Hope your new venture will succeed.