Irrigation minister for generating job opportunities to make people self-reliant


CHITWAN — Minister for Irrigation Sanjay Kumar Gautam today stressed the need for creating employment opportunities to make people self-reliant by increasing agricultural production in the country. He also viewed that desired success could not be achieved until reform is carried out at policy level in agricultural system. He was talking to media-person at a programme in the Capital.

Referring to the bitter fact that hundreds of youths leave for foreign employments every day for lack of job opportunities back home, he stressed the need for developing modern agricultural system and technology in making people self-reliant in agriculture.

Saying development could not speed up until there is employees’ management, and structural construction takes place at local level, he informed that the government has prioritised national pride projects, and was working accordingly.

He also underscored the need for implementing federalism by investing the local levels with rights.  RSS