Janakpur under the incessant rainfall, several areas struggle with deluge

Nepal flood updateq

DHANUSHA — Most of the parts of Janakpur Sub Metropolitan City has been inundated due to incessant rainfall since Wednesday.

The historical Bahrabigha land, Janakpur Zonal Hospital, Bhanuchok, Mills Area Muralichok, Bishwakarmachok, Kadamchok, here based governmental office areas also were inundated due to rain in absence of proper outlet in the areas.

It is stated that the Integrated Urban Developmental Project run by the Asian Development Bank is failing to complete the tasks on time causing difficulties to the locals.

Youth Forum for Change coordinator Sushil Karna complained that the developmental construction was delayed due to embezzlement in the project in the tacit consent of the user’s committee, political party mechanism as over Rs 200 million has been spent so far in the name of urban development.