Leader Poudel sees need of geographical unity


PARSA — Nepali Congress senior leader Ramchandra Poudel has said only unity would make the country strong and lead it towards development.

Addressing an election assembly (local level) at Pokhariya Municipality of Parsa, the NC senior leader said unity among the mountain, hill and Terai would play a grave role in bringing prosperity in the nation.

“Some political parties are trying to weaken the nationalism by shouting slogans of ‘ultra hill and Terai-centric chauvinism’ and the NC is only the party capable of protecting and promoting citizens’ rights.”

The country got the constitution under the Congress leadership and the NC leadership is essential for changing the face of the nation, he added.

NC leader and lawmaker Rajendra Bahadur Amatya and NC central member Ajay Chaurasiya called on voters to vote for the party in the forthcoming September 10 local level election. RSS