Locals demand wanton excavation from rivers to be curbed


URLABARI –: The locals around Mawa River at Urlabari in Morang district have demanded with the concerned authority to put an end to the haphazard excavation of aggregates from Mawa River at Urlabari in Morang district.

Since the excessive excavation of aggregates has been causing erosion in the river, they demanded for the same with the District Coordination Committee (DCC) and local representatives.

A local of Urlabari-3 in Morang, Suresh Raut, bemoaned that although they had been prodding the concerned authority, no heeds were paid by the. He warned that a huge loss of property could incur if the excavation in the river was not curbed.

A three-metre of depth has already been formed in the river due to excessive excavation. The spurs installed along the river bank are also being damaged.

More than 500 tractors have been extracting aggregates from this river on a daily basis. Some 6 to 7 bigha of land adjacent to the river were swept by the flood owing to the adverse consequences of the excavation, shared another local Bim Bahadur Subedi.

The locals would have no qualms with the excavation within the limitation of the regulations. They demand strict monitoring of the rivers by the DCC to help prevent millions of loss due to excavation and its adverse consequences. RSS