Manual worker dies of suffocation in 40 feet deep well


RATNANGAR, CHITWAN — A manual worker has died of asphyxiation while cleaning up a well at Gitanagar in eastern Chitwan.

Ram Kumar Rana, 36, was cleaning up a well located within the residence of one Some Bahadur Loko at Naya Basti of Bharatpur Metropolitan City-23 on Thursday morning when he died from suffocation.

Rana was cleaning up a 40-feet deep well and died due to lack of oxygen, said Superintendent of Police (SP), Deepak Thapa, of District Police Office, Chitwan. His body was retrieved nine hours later at 7 p.m.. Rana climbed down the well at 9:40 a.m. and became unresponsive within moments.

A Nepal Army’s squad could not climb down below 25 feet due to the severity of the oxygen level after which a disaster relief squad from the Armed Police Force (APF) was called in for help. The manual worker’s body has been kept at the Bharatpur hospital for an autopsy. RSS