Migrants to build houses for flood hit families


DAMAK — The people of Jhapa district currently residing abroad have planned to build 10 houses for flood affected households at Sarangpada of Kamal Rural Municipality-1 in Jhapa district.

The amount collected from International Jhapali Society would be used to construct 10 houses, it is said.

The Society has also prepared a project of Rs 4.5 million to construct the houses. Society’s senior vice-chair Chhatra Subba said 10 houses would be constructed within six months to the poor families in the settlement.

Subba said the houses would be constructed in close coordination with the Kamal Rural Municipality.

According to Subba, the houses would have the structure of concrete and roofing of zinc sheets, and each house would cost Rs 350,000. Hong Kong-Jhapa Forum has promised to bear the costs incurred for constructing. RSS

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