Ministry claims formulation of important laws


KATHMANDU — The Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs has taken the formulation of the laws relating to elections and the civil code as a significant achievement.

During a press meet Tuesday, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Yagya Bahadur Thapa said it was a significant achievement to have revised civil code and the election related laws.

According to him, the reformed civil code is most valuable law. With these laws in place and the elections in all levels, the implementation of the constitution will accelerate, he hoped.
Ministry Secretary Kamalshali Ghimire said most of the laws out of 22 relating to province and six to local levels were brought by the parliament.

He however said the formulation of Acts relating to the transitional mechanism was delayed due to eluding political consensus on it. However, it would be finalized soon, Secretary viewed.

The Ministry has devoted much to formulate necessary laws following the promulgation of constitution to fit the changed context. RSS