Morang’s medical labs running illegal businesses boarded up


PATHARI, MORANG — The Public Health Office in Morang has closed down two laboratories running without legal permissions.

The health office enforced the closure of New National Diagnostic Lab at Hospital Chowk at Biratnagar – 9 and Sri Kalika Lab Clinic at Rangeli Road on Monday evening, Public Health Section Officer, Hari Khatri said.

“The Kalika Lab had been running a lab in an alley along the Rangeli road by even setting up a board and without taking permission from the public health office,” Khatri shared and added, “During the monitoring we padlocked the lab after we did not find any documents.”

The monitoring team also came across various date expired chemicals at Sri Hospital’s lab. Section Officer Khatri said the ‘hemoglobin’ chemical used in testing the blood samples was found to have been expired. RSS