Myagdi’s historic Mallaj Kot temple rebuilt


BABIYACHAUR — Reconstruction of the historic Mallaj Kot Temple based in Jaljala Rural Municipality-3, Myagdi has been carried out while the construction of additional new infrastructures at the site has neared the completion.

The temple of Hindu Goddess Bhagawati is believed to have been built some 500 years ago when there were 22/24 principalities in the country. It has abundant potentiality of being developed into a religious tourist destination, locals said. Locals realised the need of its renovation/reconstruction, well management and protection two years ago and prepared a master plan for its rebuilding.

Economic resource for rebuilding the temple was managed through the local-level. The temple has got new infrastructure as well. Over Rs 10 million has been spent since the past two years to rebuild/renovate the temple and add new structures to it, said Temple Reconstruction Committee chair Tek Bahadur GC, Shreemad Bhagawat and Dhan Dhanyanchal Bishwa Shanti Gyan Mahayagya, religious events, were held in December, 2015 to collect funds for carrying out rebuild works at the temple.

Reconstruction of an historic palace (dating back to the Malla era) located near the temple has already done.

However, the need of an easy access route to the temple built by the then king of Mallaj principality for family worships has been highly realised. RSS