NC would become largest party in Province-2-leader Nidhi


MAHENDRANAGAR, DHANUSHA — Nepali Congress central member Bimalendra nidhi has asserted that there is no doubt for the NC to secure clear victory in the Province-2 elections and become the largest party of the country.

At a press conference organized by NC Publicity Committee, Media Centre, Dhanusha at Janakpur on Monday, he claimed that the NC would emerge to be the largest party with increasing wave of public support to the party.

Making clear that there is no dispute among the NC leaders and supporters in Madhes, he said all the leaders and cadres of the NC have engrossed their efforts to bring landslide victory to the party.

NC has taken the lead role in resolving the Madhes issues, he said, underlining the urgency of the NC leadership to make the constitution a well-accepted document as per the people’s aspirations. RSS