Nepal Yatayat replacing small buses with larger ones

overcrowded Nepal Yatayat bus. Photo: Ranup Shrestha/THT

KATHMANDU – Nepal Yatayat is replacing 10 small and old buses with large ones within this month. It has informed that it is bringing 10 new large buses to replace its old and small buses.

Secretary of Nepal Yatayat Minibus Service Committee Gopal Chandra Gurung informed that new buses, each having 35 seats, will come into operation to retain its popularity among its commuters.

“We’ve expected that new buses would be convenient for passengers,” Gurung told Setopati. The old buses which are being replaced have only 25 seats.

The Committee mentioned that availability of large space and hanger would help standing passengers. Nepal Yatayat has also aimed to replace 60 to 70 buses within mid-March 2018.

“It would be difficult to replace all buses at once and would also create a mess in the transportation in Kathmandu. So we are changing buses on the basis of lot system,” Gurung added.

About the complaints related to the behavior of drivers and assistant drivers to passengers, Gurung said the committee is imparting training to them.

“In comparison to other buses, such incidents are very less in Nepal Yatayat. We’ve often imparted training to drivers and assistant drivers to behave properly to the passengers,” he added.

He said that action will be taken against drivers or assistant drivers if any complaints against them are filed.

A total of 146 buses is currently plying four routes from 5 am to 8 pm. Some buses ply Balkumari-Koteshwor- Baneshwor, Anamnagar- Teaching- Gopi Krishna Hall route. Similarly, some buses ply Town Planning-Koteshwor- Baneshwor- Balkhu- Ekantakuna- Jawalakhel- Thapathali route. The other route is from Gothatar-Koteshwor- Baneshwor- Old Baneshwor.

Nepal Yatayat that began its services from 2001 has provided employment to at least 400 people.