Nepali Congress (BP) issues election manifesto


KATHMANDU — The Nepali Congress (BP) today made public its election manifesto for the upcoming House of Representatives and State Assembly elections.

The party has enumerated nationalism, democracy, socialism, good governance and protection of the Vedic Sanatana religion and culture as well as the BP thought as its main agendas in the manifesto.

Speaking in the election manifesto launching programme here today, party president Haribol Bhattarai said country’s transformation was possible through the implementation of the BP thoughts.

“We formed a new political party after seeing that the Nepali Congress failed to implement the principle that it should protect democracy without depending on any other parties. We are of the opinion that implementation of BP thought is a must for giving an outlet to the country,” he said. Bhattarai has filed his candidacy to the House of Representatives election from Kathmandu constituency-1.

Party spokesman Devendra Poudel said the Nepali Congress (BP) has fielded candidacy from 23 places for the House of Representatives election and eight places for the State Assembly elections.

The election to the member of the House of Representatives and State Assemblies are being held in two phases on November 26 and December 7. RSS