Nepali politicians and healthcare system


The tradition of Nepali politicians going abroad for medical checkup hasn’t come to an end. This is disheartening at a time when poor Nepalis are dying from cold and other diseases. The recent announcement of UML chief K.P. Oli has come under scrutiny as the formation of the new government looks unlikely for a month or so. The criticism has indeed raised a number of questions yet again. Isn’t Nepal’s health system good enough for all?

Nepali politicians, time and again, have fooled Nepalis who have trusted and voted them. This is evident in the healthcare system too. Nepal’s healthcare system is broken and appears to be out-of-reach for the poor ones. It is an expensive one too. If not expansive–reaching to all, it cannot remain exclusive. Should politicians only enjoy a proper healthcare system while the poor and weary die from sickness?

There’s argument in Nepali political sphere that power equals foreign medical tour. But power doesn’t equal responsibility or ethics. It is no doubt that if a leader in Nepal cannot get a proper treatment then foreign countries is an option. Because simply put it’s possible. There are no alternatives or options for a poor person. Sometimes the only way out is a shaman or a religious exorcist. The Nepali Politician will never visit such avenues. They only do when they want to be assured of their future.

Nepal’s healthcare system needs an overhaul. Nepalis have voted their favorites this time and it’s up to them to be true to their words. Can Nepali politicians fix the broken healthcare system for all and for them too? We hope to read a headline soon that Nepali politicians no longer seek foreign trip for a medical checkup.