New health minister instructs employees to work keeping people first


KATHMANDU — Newly elected Health Minister Deepak Bohara has instructed the health service employees to work confidently keeping the people’s first.

While assuming office at the Ministry today, the new health minister urged the employees not to allow oneself to be guided by political prejudices and interference .

“I promise that the Ministry will never feel my interference in the formulation and implementation of good projects ns plans. The responsibility of taking the country ahead lies on the shoulders of bureaucracy, the permanent government so meaningful and productive plans are expected from the employees,” he said, urging them to continue the productive programmes brought by former ministers and work freely.

Recalling the ministerial level decision to make the ‘transport ministry, no-smoking zone’ while he was the transport minister in 2041 BS, he said the implementation of such decision was challenging as most of the ministry employees were against it. ‘A separate smoking room was to be set up to get the support of dissenting employees to execute the decision.”

The Health Ministry had not even thought about such move and with the implementation of such decision, the Ministry was acclaimed as the first ministry in the entire South Asia for such a new but good start. “Let’s start a noble practice in the Health Ministry as well.”

Stating that people have been deprived of quality service as health services are expensive and unaffordable for them, he stressed the need of guaranteeing quality healthcare facilities for the people from the government level.

On the occasion, he endorsed the amendment file relating to the urban health policy and the file relating to the construction of 252 health institutes damaged by the earthquake.

Health Secretary Kiran Regmi said despite noticeable improvement Nepal achieved in the health sector in the past two decades, many things are left to be done in areas of non communicable diseases and child mortality rate.

Employees adjustment in the federal setups remains as the main challenge of the hour, according to Secretary Regmi. Expected achievements in health would remain unmet until sufficient budget was ensured. The health sector has been allocated only 3.7 per cent of the total current budget and it needs to be increased to at least 10 percent, she asserted. RSS