NGO Federation seeks role in constitution enforcement


KATHMANDU — The NGO Federation of Nepal, an umbrella organisation of NGOs across the country, has urged the government to make its (Federation’s) role clear in the implementation of the constitution and federalism in the nation.

Speaking at a press meet organised on the concluding day of the Federation’s 23rd General Assembly and 7th Civic Conference here today, its president Gopal said that they had hoped for getting a meaningful role in the enforcement of the constitution.

“The Conference has made various decisions to be supportive of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the civic participation and we are always ready to cooperate, collaborate and work in partnership with the local levels towards that end,” he said.

Federation General Secretary Milan Shrestha urged the Social Welfare Council to prepare and issue the Social Development Act, focusing on effective decentralised restructuring policy, after holding discussions with the Federation.

The two-day conference has issued a 15-point Kathmandu Declaration.

The document demands the government bring the organisation to a tax net on the basis of PAN number and operate social and civic empowerment programmes at the central, State and local levels, seeking the guarantee of the launching of a nationwide national campaign within a year to promote human rights, sustainable development, justice, national unity and prosperity. RSS