NGOs play leadership role for development: Former Chief Justice Shrestha


KATHMANDU — Former Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha said non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have played a leadership role in modernising, socialising and transforming the country, while bringing a wave of development.

“A public gathering is required from local level to the centre to make citizen’s able to take national decisions. Democracy cannot be strengthened only with the existence of political parties. But for that, a citizen must come forward with capacity for direction and criticism,” he said, while addressing the 23rd General Assembly and the Conference of the NGO Federation.

He also stressed the need for accommodating citizens at the decision-making level.

Likewise, Chief Commissioner of the National Information Commission Krishna Hari Baskota underscored the need for both the government and civil society to go together to run governance system, while referring to the constitution guaranteeing the right to information.

NGO Federation Chairperson Gopal Lamsal said the NGOs were working to bring prosperity and carry out sustainable development activities within the framework of the law. The conference, which will run until tomorrow (Wednesday), will conclude with a declaration. RSS