Our Values

Our Values

Kathmandu Tribune is dedicated to providing highest quality public news and media to our readers/viewers. Our values are demonstrated through our commitments.

Independent: We are an independent media. We do not have any type of affiliation with any political party, groups or views. In this effort, we welcome any individual supports under no solicitation. We support the democracy & freedom of speech and are committed to providing news independently.

Customer Focus: We are dedicated to creating products/services that fulfill customer needs. We also encourage our customer to provide any feedbacks, complaints or comments regarding our articles or advertisements at info@kathmandutribune.com.

Quality: We are committed to providing best quality news and articles to our viewers. We believe in quality over quantity.

Transparency: We are open, honest and transparent with our activities, involvement, and advertisers.  

Ethics: We strongly comply with true journalism ethical values. To serve the public, journalism must be accurate, independent, impartial, accountable, and show humanity. And, to enforce these core values, we adopt ethical codes of conduct.

Community Involvement: As a part of any responsible individual/company, we have a duty to give back to our community. Kathmandu Tribune makes a pledge to provide our support to the community.