Paddy field turns into desert in Gulmi

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GULMI — The recent flooding turned paddy plantation in scores of ropani of farmland in the district into river banks, incurring losses worth millions of rupees, the District Agricultural Development Office (DADO) said.

Local rivers like Kaligandaki, Badigadh, Hundi, Ridi, Chhaldi and Panaha that got swollen following rains in the past two weeks entered and battered the plantation, the locals said.

Paddy cultivation in over 820 ropanis has been damaged at Rakse, Dhaba, Bauba, Balithum and Bamgha, the DADO said, adding that efforts were on to collect damage details.

It is facing difficulty to collect damage details in many areas as telephone connection has got disrupted due to the flooding, it added.

Likewise, 16 families were displaced after land caved in at Kaligandaki rural municipality while 16 houses are at risk due to a landslide at Kundapani.

Most of rural roads in the district have been damaged due to rains, affecting transportation. As a result, the locals have been affected in various ways. RSS