Paddy production increases in Bhaktapur


BHAKTAPUR — Bhaktapur district has witnessed an increment in the paddy production by four-fold with the plantation of the improved hybrid seedlings of Chinese species.

The test plantation of LPM BR 1628 and LPM BR 1632 done across 12 ropani of land in Bhaktapur under the China-Nepal Agriculture Technical Cooperation Project implemented since 2016 yielded four-fold of what was planted.

A team comprising experts from Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) and the China-aided project made an on-site visit of the paddy field and concluded so.

A total of 67 species of Chinese rice have been planted in Nepal during the test plantation. These Chinese hybrid rice species grow in some 8 to 10 metric tonnes per hectare.

Under the Project, Chinese government has been providing logistic and technical support to boost agriculture production and modernize agricultural practices in Nepal. RSS