Pakistani woman serving time in jail succumbs to cancer


RATNANAGAR, CHITWAN — A Pakistani woman who was serving a sentence at the Bharatpur Prison in Chitwan died of cancer this morning.

Julekha Bano, who was convicted in a case related to the fake currency smuggling on April 15, 2013, succumbed to breast cancer at 7:00 am in the course of treatment, according to jailer Kamal Kafle. She was treated at a cancer hospital based in the town.

The court had ordered her to put in the jail until April, 2019. Her passport number is 33795181. She was brought here on February 18 from the Central Jail, Kathmandu for the convenience of treatment. Prior to this, inmate Ambika Kamat, a permanent resident of Biratnagar, Morang had died on August 3 from the same disease. RSS